俺たちは正義せいぎという名の復讐ふくしゅうへとてられた普通ふつうの人間だ。 だが復讐を正義というならばその正義はさらなる復讐をにくしみの連鎖れんさはじまる。


We are but men, drawn to act in the name of revenge that we deem to be justice. But if there is justice in revenge then that same justice will breed only more revenge and trigger a cycle of hatred.


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Open-source projects

Project Description Status
youtube-play Command-line utility, which streams music from YouTube cancelled
Taiga Chocolatey package Chocolatey package for Taiga which I manage managing
osu! Chocolatey package Chocolatey package for osu! which I manage managing
git-changes git command which allows you to see total changes in a repository finished
Cleverbot.Net C# library wrapper around cleverbot.io API active
HerbRecon GUI application for learning herb names (I did it to help myself study for a test) finished
A LaTeX template LaTeX template for a Czech high-school thesis finished


I try to keep track of my open-source contributions in this table

Project Link(s) Contribution type Project description
Checkio index-power/#5, fizz-buzz/#13 translation Interactive game for JavaScript and Python users
VibranceGUI #10 code Sets your GPU vibrance to a predifined value when you launch a game
TwistyTimer #32 translation Rubik’s cube timer for Android
Pluralize.Net #6 code .NET library which allows you to pluralize words (singular → plural)
Base62.Net #1, #2 bug report, bugfix .NET library which allows you to convert data into base 62
Citador #99, #100 translation, code BetterDiscord plugin which allows you to quote messages
ImageGlass #253 feature request Light-weight image viewer for Windows
regex-username #2 bug report Node.js library which checks for valid usernames
rikaichamp #69 feature request Browser extension pop-up dictionary for Japanese
Newton’s method with Sturm sequence multiple contributions input parsing and CI Command-line polynomial root finder
EndlessCrafting #2 readme Terraria mod that adds recipes
EarlyWings #2 readme Another Terraria mod
ONI Duplicity #75 translation Oxygen Not Included save editor
Little Ninja #39 translation An Android game